Direct Hiring – Permanent Placements

Direct Hiring employees is a strategic decision in today’s environment.  The wrong hire can set you back time and money.  Meanwhile, the time and effort spent searching to find that perfect fit can be exhausting and a distraction from your business’ core mission.

With no obligation, you tell us what you are looking for.  We do all the research, screening, and reference checks.  You interview and only owe us if you hire our candidate.



 Contract (Temporary) and Contract-To-Hire

We can also staff technologists in less traditional positions that include temporary contracts based on short-term business needs.  And contract-to-hire plans where immediate needs are met with the option to bring the candidate on as a full-time employee at the end of the contract should your business needs require it.  This is a great option to address short-term pain points.




Fully Custom RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Elev8 uses our market and industry expertise to provide a form of business process outsourcing called “Recruitment Process Outsourcing” (RPO).  In this format, we will work with your team to develop a custom solution to integrate as your sole talent acquisition and on-boarding team.  Elev8 can provide dedicated resources as needed to complete your growth project on time and with the right people in place.  We can quickly scale up or down as needed to meet your individual growth needs.

This is an integrated and seamless solution for the company looking to quickly hire a large number of employees.  It is the perfect, and cost efficient, option if you are ready for supercharged growth with a high volume of hiring.


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