Client is King

KingIn this market of high demand  and low supply it often feels like the candidate is the king.  They are an integral part of the equation.  However, we help put you back in control of your workforce. We gather intelligence upfront to fully understand your needs.  We continually refine our understanding through feedback and our unique high-touch consultative approach.



AccurateWe possess a high expertise in all aspects of talent acquisition and retention.  With our niche focus on the Software Development Life Cycle and small to mid-size companies, we are able to quickly identify and match resources to not only the best technical match, but also understanding and providing cultural fit.



Deliver Results

DeliverWe deliver quality results.  We don’t waste  your time by sending too many résumés that aren’t a great fit.  We are picky in the selection process so you don’t have to be.  You tell us what you want and we deliver:  Developers, Architects, Business Analysts, Mobile, Web, Database, Project managers, Quality Analysts, to the C-level executive.



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